The reader first hears about the origins of the curse on page 28: «Madame Zeroni warned that if he failed to do this, he and his descendants would be doomed for all eternity.» So why is flashback so important in a story? This sounds like a great question to ask your students. But if they don’t have answers, flashback is like a time machine for a novel that allows the reader to «see» events as they actually happened. He changes physically while he’s at Camp Green Lake because digging holes in the hot sun all day will help any person lose weight and grow stronger.

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Isotopic records readily confirm that the world has been much hotter in the past. Some elements (for instance oxygen) have light, stable isotopes (forms of an element that differ only in the number of neutrons in the nucleus) that show evidence of fractionation within the historical recorded represented by a deep marine sediment core. The lighter of the isotopes volatilises at a slightly lower temperature than its heavier counterpart and the ratio between them is changed.

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