The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged shipping conglomerate Overseas Shipholding Group (OSG) and its former chief financial officer Myles R. Itkin with failing to recognize hundreds of millions in tax liabilities in its financial statements that had accumulated over nearly 12 years resulting from its controlled foreign subsidiary guaranteeing OSG debt that had been borrowed under various credit financing agreements. As a result of the misconduct, OSG materially understated its income tax liabilities by approximately $512 million (17 percent) of its total liabilities.

Even if they only take on a portion of the loss this will let them know that you as a customer are concerned about it and give some motivation to produce good code. Code should not be signed off on until a penetration test is done. Attackers will be constantly using the same scanning tools recommended in this article to check if you have deployed new code and if there are any vulnerabilities within it..

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